What Healthcare Professionals Say About Stealth

I could use this on my unit (Pediatrics) because there is no real way to know when a child is getting up before they are out of a crib or bed. You may not know it but kids fall off the bed often and those beds are high off the floor.
Depending on the patient, we spend about 1½ hours a day per bed adjusting, readjusting, changing out and cleaning pads. Every day! If we could save just an hour a week per bed that would be 20 hours… time we could focus more on the patient and less on the equipment.
Nurse Supervisor
If I only need to order every 12-18 months, that will save me a ton in man hours. I will not be short of pads at any given time
Above-mattress pads are a hassle because we have to store a lot of them, and more on the unit. This takes up space and takes up man hours to deliver them to the units. Under-mattress pads can be folded & stored much more efficiently.
We use under-mattress pads in our oncology wing. Many of our patients have very fragile skin. Above-mattress pads have proved challenging to use with these patients.
Above-mattress pads are a real headache because during the day, as the patient moves around in the bed, the pad will bunch up and have to be frequently re-positioned to prevent false alarms. That means we have to waste time repeatedly checking the pads throughout the day.