Stealth Under Mattress Fall Sensor Pads

Reduce wasted caregiver time with pads that need less maintenance.

Appropriate for hospitals, nursing homes or home care.
U.S. Patent No. 10,357,197
Great Britain: GB2555057

Replace Disposable Pads

With low-maintenance Stealth pads underneath mattresses and chair cushions, away from bodily fluids.
Stealth pads help eliminate the need to:
  • Respond to false alarms
  • Reposition above-mattress pads
  • Replace damaged pads
  • Clean and disinfect pads exposed to bodily fluids

Save Time, Reduce Risk

Stealth pads cost 50% - 70% less per bed, per month than single-use disposable pads in hosptials. In addition, one pad replaces many single-use pads over a year, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

Beyond the Bed

Stealth pads are available as ultra-thin chair pads that can be used underneath a cushion and can reduce lift risk for patients and care providers.

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Your Patients Deserve the Best

A pad that provides the best comfort for patients and can help reduce infection risk and maintain skin integrity.
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The STEALTH® Sensor Pad is not a substitute for vigilance by health care staff. Initial and continuing training in the use of the STEALTH® Sensor Pad and its proper maintenance and testing is required.
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