Key Features

  • Works under the mattress on the bed frame away from bodily fluids
  • Works with most hospital beds, including air flow mattresses
  • Fully sealed for protection against contamination
  • End-of-life indicator for confident replacement
  • Works with most fall monitors
  • Safer for fragile skin
  • 18-month service life for bed pads
  • 12-month service life for chair pads

Do More With Less

  • Ends the expense of disposable pads for each patient
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Reduces contamination risk and disinfection time
  • Less fuss for patients; doesn’t slip in bedsheets
  • Eliminates time spent repositioning patients
  • Anti-slip chair/wheelchair pad also available
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The STEALTH® Sensor Pad is not a substitute for vigilance by health care staff. Initial and continuing training in the use of the STEALTH® Sensor Pad and its proper maintenance and testing is required.
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